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Freight Run

Oct 16, 2021 | 2100z 2300z

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Presented by FedEx Virtual

FedEx Virtual will be visiting ZAN for their VA event! They have chosen Juneau for its tough approach! We are expecting roughly 10-20 pilots to participate. FedEx Virtual will also be sending a limited number of visually impaired pilots to Anchorage! All pilots will depart Seattle around 2000Z!

Center Assignments

(0 Available)

  • ANC_03_CTR - Carson Murphy
  • JNU_CTR - Noah Perlman
TRACON Assignments

(1 Available)

  • ANC_SE_APP - Unassigned
Cab Assignments

(3 Available)

  • ANC_TWR - Unassigned
  • JNU_GND - Unassigned
  • JNU_TWR - Unassigned